Thursday, May 26, 2011

Read More on Tyra Banks' Website!

I was interviewed by one of Tyra Bank's staff writer for Tyra's website "Type F" a few weeks ago and the article just posted. It's really a fun piece and they gave me an entire paragraph in the story. Read more about how to prepare for your engagement photos (or really any outdoor shoot).

The full list of what I suggest to prepare for your photo shoot can be found on my website under the "prep" tab or read a partial listing below:

– If you wear a black or navy shirt, please wear a black bra too. White or off-white bras often show through dark colored shirts when photographed.
– Please get a manicure the day before your shoot. Hands are often photographed.
– You should wear a LOT more makeup than they usually would wear. Please use a lot of foundation too and bring extra lipstick and powder.
– Please wear a clear deodorant if you are going to wear a sleeveless shirt.

– Gentlemen, please use a good hand cream the evening before AND the day of your shoot. Think about getting a “nailpolish-free” professional manicure too.
– Please trim eyebrows, nose hair and ear hair within 24 hours before your photo shoot.
– Please wear a lot of antiperspirant/powder and a tee-shirt under your shirt to absorb perspiration.

– Do NOT wear perfume or cologne the day of your photo shoot.
– Please wear sunscreen and wear or bring insect repellent to the shoot.
– Do not drink alcohol for at least 24-48 hours before your photo shoot.
– Everyone should try and get a good night’s sleep the evening before your shoot.
– Drink lots of water for 24-72 hours before and eat something right before your shoot.
– Please brush your teeth and floss before your shoot.