Saturday, April 23, 2011

Makeup for Men?

Do I really need makeup for my portrait? This is probably the most often asked question when we do professional portraits for men. The answer is YES! Makeup for men does cost less than makeup for women (what's new--have you been to a dry cleaner recently?), it does smooth out your skin tone, cover up a little bit of beard shadow, and helps you look as bright and alert as your female colleagues in their portraits.

Sounds better and better, right?

A good makeup artist like Andrea Kooharian, or Sharon Becker, will make your makeup look completely natural and match your foundation perfectly to your skin tone. Sharon did the makeup for the portrait of the gentleman above. Andrea did the makeup for the gentleman in the portrait below.

I also include retouching with every portrait package, so between the makeup and some retouching, the men who come to us for a portrait look wonderful. Dark circles are lightened, facial stubble reduced, wrinkles are reduced (but not removed), and bumps are eliminated.

Read below for my clothing and preparation tips for men:

1. For BUSINESS portraits: please avoid wearing a white shirt. Cream, tan, pink, gray are all better.

2. Absolutely no stripes less than 1 inch apart on clothing. These stripes when photographed, especially for web use, create something called a moiré pattern, which is almost like an optical illusion or swirl patterns. Pinstripes are usually fine because they are far enough apart.

3. No really small, fine patterns either such as gingham check or hounds tooth! The same problem will occur (see #2). Bold prints and stripes at least 1” apart are usually fine.

4. Please avoid wearing any cologne or perfume on the day of your shoot. Please refrain from alcohol for 48 - 72 hours before your shoot, and no smoking!

5. Try and get a good night’s sleep (8 hours or more) the evening before your shoot. Drink lots of water for 48 - 72 hours and eat something before your shoot.

6. Bring a toothbrush and toothpaste in a small bag. Eat a snack or meal before your shoot too!

Prep for Professional Makeup & Looking Your Best

GENTLEMEN: If you get red or bumpy from shaving think about shaving late the evening before to keep irritation down.

-- Please be sure to apply a lip balm, under eye moisturizer and a face moisturizer before you arrive.

-- Please use a good hand cream the days before your shoot and wear to your shoot as well. Consider getting a “nail-polish free” manicure the day before or the day of your shoot. Hands often show in photos.

-- Please trim or tweeze eyebrows, ears, nose hair and do any other facial “manscaping” you can!

-- Please wear a lot of antiperspirant/powder and a tee-shirt under your shirt to absorb wetness. Also please bring an extra shirt in case you perspire through the first shirt and you aren’t wearing a blazer.

-- Bring extra clothing and ties to your shoot so we can decide which one will photograph best.